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Keerthana Swaminathan is a Sports and Exercise Psychologist who graduated from Loughborough University, U.K. She works with grassroots as well as state-level, national level athletes from various sports.

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What do I offer?

Clinical and counseling issues with athletes
Issues and techniques of sport specific psychological assessment
Developmental and social issues related to sport participation
Mental skills training for performance enhancement and participation satisfaction
Specific knowledge of training science and psychological requirements of sport and competition
Bio-behavioral bases of sport and exercise (eg. Motor learning)
Organizational and systematic aspects of sport consulting
Mentoring children and guiding them

About Me


Keerthana Swaminathan was your regular average teenager. Caged in low self-esteem, being an introvert and obese resulted in turning her into shy, highly emotional and timid person. Being unable to accept herself she became a recluse to mediocrity. At this stage, she also entered her higher secondary school, which is when her parents who were avid amateur runners dragged her out of the comfort zone and pushed her to run. And that was the beginning of a life that she always wanted.

Yes, running gave her a fresh lease in her life and she was able to vent out her frustrations with every stride and went on to finish several marathons! To achieve such arduous goals she had to make certain choices that shaped her will, consciously helped her to move away from travelling life in auto-pilot mode. Though the choices were painful, yet its results were nothing short of surprise. Yes, she passed out of her higher secondary school in flying colors, her college in distinction and was able to do her Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology in UK.

On reflection of the path she had taken she found that there was indeed a relation between fitness and psychology. And this journey she understands is not a sprint but a marathon! In her desire to understand fitness better she took up competitive Frisbee sport, long distance cycling and many more. In these she employed what she had learnt, and understood mindsets that helps one to win and handle loss, to manage a team and to manage one-self, as well. These experiences made her mature in what she does best imparting counsel to help those going through psychological imbalance and make their lives happy!

Today, she is a consulting sports psychologists and works with athletes from the National and State level. Also she conducts group sessions and workshops in Psychology! Her experience equipped her to counsel individuals and groups. A few of her clients reach her through skype as well.

As fitness enthusiast, marathoner, sports & exercise consultant, cyclist and not to mention an avid blogger, Keerthana believes 'Life begins every day'

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